Welcome to the official website of the Lloyd Family. In January of 2008, a tremendous tragedy struck our family with the passing of Otis Lloyd Jr., better know to family and friends as Goot. As many family members passed along the sad news of Otis' untimely passing, we remark that it seemed that the only time that we gathered together was to moarn the passing of a loved one. Many of us realized that we really didn't know many of our family members at all. So with the collective suggestions of David Joe (Wilson), Michael Collins, Louwanda Collins, Chiquita Dunbar, and many others, we planned and held first Lloyd Family Reunion that I am aware of in honor of Otis and other family members that we lost over the years. We made a soloum vow to continue our efforts to gather together to celebrate joyous occasions as well as be there for one another during times of greif and sorrow. This website was designed to keep the Lloyd family connected together even when we are miles apart, and to act as a repository of the history of the Lloyd Family and all the branches of families that grew from that strong tree.


Stay in Touch

As a family, we are striving to stay in touch with one another, and one way we are helping to do this is via email. We established email accounts so that we can all stay in touch.